Has your new 6 Star home still got you turning the heat up this winter and costing you money?

The fact is in Queensland that a 6 star home doesn’t always equal a warm home in winter.

Most of us assume that a new 6 star home constructed in Queensland has ceiling insulation to meet 6 star energy efficiency regulations, but this is not always the case.

To comply with 6 star energy efficiency in Queensland  insulation is often only installed under the roof sheeting or roof tiles. This insulation is not as good at maintaining temperature in the living spaces. It is simply designed to reduce heat entering the building and reducing the overall running costs of cooling for the largely hot climate.

The building science shows that this under roof insulation isn’t as effective at keeping the heat in during winter months nor does it help keep the house as cool during the summer months.

To manage heating and cooling of homes for the highest level of efficiency and the most comfort in your home, insulation should be installed on the ceiling.

If your new home is cold this winter chances are it doesn’t have ceiling insulation installed to help keep you and your family warm.

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