Roof Insulation

NeurockTM Rockwool Roofing Blanket is spun from the volcanic rock Basalt. In short this means it simply does not burn. Acknowledged globally by insurers for it's superior fire performance Rockwool Roofing Blanket offers the optimum level of Thermal, Fire and Acoustic Performance under metal roofs.  

When there is no compromise for quality or performance you should choose NeurockTM Rockwool Roofing Blanket.

Glasswool Roofing Blanket is spun from sand and re-cycled glass. It offers great thermal and acoustic performance. It's fibres are non-combustile making it a popular choice for the budget conscious.


Reflective Insulation is an alternative to Glasswool as a thermal insulation. A fibre free insulation, it complies with basic fire standards and can be used as a roof insulation under metal or tile roofs.