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Home Insulation

We provide a range of leading Australian made and Australian Standards approved products for both new homes and existing homes.

How We Can Help You

Neurock, in addition to offering a broad range of supply and installation services for homeowners and builders, can provide you free advice on how to get the best result for insulating your home.

How to Make Your Home Cooler In Summer & Warmer In Winter

Depending on where you live the type and level of insulation required is different. The science of insulation is often confused by various R values and what is the best type of insulation. The level of insulation and what can be installed will vary based on whether your home is an existing home or new home.

Why Else Should I Insulate My Home

  • Reduce My Power Bill
  • Keep My Home Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter
  • Protect My Families Health from Mould, Mildew, Dust Mites and Sick Building Sydrome
  • Privacy and Protecting Your Home from Unwanted External Noise

Insulating Existing Homes

The easiest and most effective part of the home to insulate in existing homes is the ceiling cavity, by placing insulation directly above your homes ceiling lining.

We use Non-Combustible, Low Allergen, Asthma Friendly and High Performing Insulation batts.

All of our products have a minimum 50 year warranty and have been used in Australia and Internationally for almost 100 years.

New Homes

To meet energy efficiency regulations in Australia your new home will require varying levels of insulation.

To simplify insulation for you when speaking to a builder or designer, we’ve created a simply guide to insulate to not only get the best return on investment for your home in energy efficiency, but to assist in providing a home that is comfortable for you and your family.

  Hot Tropical Climate Temperate Climates Cold Climates
Roof Insulation Reflective & Vapour Permeable Insulation Reflective Insulation or Roofing Blanket Vapour Permeable Insulation
Ceiling Insulation R2.5 – R3.5 Batts R2.5 – R4.0 Batts R4.0 – R6.0 Batts
Wall Insulation R 1.5 Wall Batts Wall Batts Wall Batts
Wall Wrap Required All Areas - Duty, Type & Permeability to Suit Wall Cladding Used Required All Areas - Duty, Type & Permeability to Suit Wall Cladding Used Required All Areas - Duty, Type & Permeability to Suit Wall Cladding Used
Sub-Floor Insulation Not required Underfloor Insulation Underfloor Insulation


*This table is designed to offer minimum suggested design considerations for new homes. For specific requirements for your new home, see our residential design guide or consult your local energy efficiency regulations.

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